Shady journo Martin Bashir tried to interview Diddy after Diana

According to Diddy’s ex-publicist, the rapper dodged a bullet. This is after Martin Bashir (scandal-struck journalist) tried to land a blockbuster interview.

Bashir was once Britain’s top-rated reporter. He wowted the world with blockbuster sitdowns with Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and other celebrities.

Last year, it was revealed how Diana was persuaded by British journos to do the 1995 interview.

Now, Diddy’s former longtime publicist Rob Shuter revealed on the podcast, “Naughty But Nice with Rob,” that Puffy was his next target.

Shuter claimed that Bashir even “flirted with” Shuter to win his trust.

“Within months [of the 2003 Michael Jackson show], he called me himself to meet me to do Diddy,” said Shuter. Shuter said, “He wanted Diddy the next in the trilogy.” Martin Bashir called me “flattered” because I was such an Michael Jackson fan growing up.

“He took us to dinner at The Soho House. He worked me. He flirted a lot with me. He emailed me. Shuter: “He played, laughed all to get Diddy,” Shuter.

He claimed the rapper had stopped it.

“So, I spoke [Diddy] and was like Martin Bashir would like to do you next after Michael Jackson.” Puff was like “Hell no!” He’s not going to sit down with me’.

Shuter claimed that Diddy made the right decision. But, Shuter also said that Martin Bashir was a good man and that he is a skilled worker. He touched your knees while you were sitting down, and how he manipulates. Clearly he knew I was a gay boy. This has never happened to me. Diane Sawyer never touched my knees while interviewing my clients.

Shuter, who was also a representative for Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and many other celebrities over the years said Bashir had sent flowers directly to his office.

“You would think we were dating. It was wild & creepy,” he admitted.

“I was being played,” he said.

Shuter is currently at work on the self-help book “The Four Word Answer.”

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