Miami Bitcoin Conference spreads COVID-19 among crypto fans

Some of the techies at last week’s Bitcoin Conference are not fighting any virtual virus but rather the real thing.

Many crypto enthusiasts reported that they were positive for COVID-19 at the Miami gathering.

The Mana Wynwood convention centre hosted the event, which attracted 12,000 people. The conference was also attended by a few bashes. These were mostly non-masked and did not require vaccinations.

“Everyone I hung out with in Miami got COVID,” tweeted an employee at crypto Web site Block.

said, “Looks as if I’m joining BTC Covid list,”.

“I assumed that everyone was vaccinated,” a participant told us. “If you are smart enough and able to afford the $1,500 hotel ticket, and you can figure out how you want to get vaxxed, you should be capable of getting it done.”

Florida is notoriously lax in enforcing coronavirus guidelines. All mandates were suspended in May.

Mayor Suarez wrote to Page Six: “My office was made aware of a variety of unconfirmed Tweets about people contracting COVID-19 last weekend at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference.” We don’t believe that the conference was a Super Spreader, based on data from hospitals and watchdogs.

Suarez continued, “At this stage, with the information that we know, the characterization of the events is not only unfair and irresponsible — Miami held host to more than 50.000 people throughout the weekend while conference sold 12,000 ticket,” Suarez stated. “We at the Miami City Hall take the adherence the Florida DOH and CDC guidelines very seriously as we navigate the current phase of the pandemic. We are in constant contact with the health authorities. We will continue to monitor this situation. We hope that everyone who visited Miami is well.

Vice was told the following by reps from Bitcoin Magazine: “Vaccines have always been free in the US for months, to the point that anyone who desired to get vaccinated during the event could.” The vaccine works and the US is now able to offer live sports, concerts, and other events.

They stated that all attendees were provided with current recommendations from the CDC, State of Florida, and advised them to wait until next year for those at high risk. All attendees received free hand sanitizer and masks upon entry to the event.

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