California town reportedly has no running water during heat wave

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In the middle of a heatwave, more than 700 California residents were reportedly left without running water.

According To the Fresno Bee, Teviston’s only functioning well broke earlier this month. It left “over 700 people without running waters” and “temperatures in central San Joaquin Valley have soared up to triple-digit heat.” Since then, residents have relied on bottled drinking water that the district has been delivering to them or to friends and family in nearby towns.

The report details how sand was found in the pump and led to the well’s failure. Frank Galaviz of Teviston Community Services District said to the Fresno Beethat it could take “weeks” to get running water back to households. Parts to repair the pump will still be needed. Galaviz further stated that he fears that the well might have dried out. This is after residents were left without running water in 2017 when the well sank.

“In the last drought we learned that both local and state drought responses weren’t coordinated. Erick Orellana, Community Water Center policy advocate, said that families in crisis didn’t know where to turn and that the state was scrambling for support. Erick Orellana is The Bee. “We don’t want to see emergency situations continue to occur, so we are urging the state be better prepared this time for drought.” More information at The Fresno Bee.

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