Maryland woman accused of setting house on fire, watching it burn from lawn chair

Gail J. Metwally has been accused of first and 2nd degree attempted murders, first-degree arson. first-degree assail and many other charges.

A woman in Maryland has been charged with multiple crimes after allegedly setting her house on fire and watching it burn down.

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According to the Maryland State Fire Marshal, Gail J. Metwally was charged with first and third degree attempted murder, arson, assault, first-degree malicious burning, first degree arson, first degree assault, two counts each of malicious destruction and malicious endangerment. Officials believe she deliberately set the house on fire while another person was still in it.

The fire, which happened on April 29 had several witnesses, including one who uploaded footage to social media.

Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office

“She just f **** set the trash can on fire, and then dumped it in the ***** laundry area. In the viral video, a witness claims that she is about to set fire to the **** house. Another witness continues, “I can’t believe my eyes….” It is unbelievable.” And she just sits there, watching the house go into flames.

The footage pans to the home with visible flames inside and then to the woman sitting in a lawn chair watching the fire grow. After she screamed for help, a witness assists a woman in getting out of a lower windows.

According to the fire marshal witnesses said Metwally started multiple fires inside the home. The 47-year old eventually left the scene. Cecil County Sheriff’s Office was able to observe her as she left the area once law enforcement arrived.

She was detained and taken to the Maryland North East Barrack. Deputy state fire marshals conducted an origin and cause investigation and found the fire was purposely set.

The marshal observed that there were four people living in the house, which included the arsonist. Two were not home, and the third was the unidentified person still inside when Metwally set the residence ablaze.

Maryland State Fire Marshal’s office

According to the office of the fire marshal, Metwally is currently held at the Cecil County Detention Center pending a hearing before the District Court Commissioner.

On its website,

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First-degree arson can result in a maximum sentence of 30 years imprisonment and fines up to $50K. According to the law firm: To convict someone of first-degree Arson, the state must prove that they set fire to or burned at most part of a structure or building and that the fire was started with malicious intent.

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