Two disturbances in the Atlantic. One could reach the southeast coast as depression

The southeast coast could see a tropical depression Monday evening if a disturbance off the coast strengthens further, the National Hurricane Center said. It could bring strong rip currents, flooding, and gusty winds.

The hurricane centre is monitoring two disturbances currently in the Atlantic. One of them points toward Georgia, South Carolina, and the other has low chances of strengthening.

One was located approximately 190 miles east of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It moved west at 15 to 20 mph.

Forecasters increased the chances that the tropical depression would become a tropical depression by increasing the pressure around it, and thunderstorms near it, over the next two to five days.

Forecasters stated, “Any additional increase of thunderstorm activity would result the issuance advisories for tropical depression or storm.”

It could be stronger as it crosses over the warm Gulf current off the southern coast U.S.A. but even though it doesn’t strengthen it, the region is likely to get a few more inches of rain.

The other disturbance, an area of low pressure associated with a tropical wave off the coast of Africa, was hundreds of miles southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands as of the morning update. It was booking it west at 20 mph and forecasters said slow development of this system is possible in the next few days. It is expected to reach Lesser Antilles Wednesday night.

They gave it a 20% chance to form in the next two and 40% in between, which is slightly higher than the initial morning update.

tweeted Andy Hazelton, an assistant scientist from the University of Miami.

NOAA expects another active season of storms this year with 13-20 named storms. Three storms have already formed, and Danny will be the next.

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