Women accuse Franklin County sheriff’s deputies of excessive use of force

Two women claim in a federal case that their constitutional rights have been violated by Franklin County sheriff’s office employees who removed them from a vehicle they were in.

Hannah Clark and Maysia Harris accuse Sgt. Nathan Doty, Deputy Phillip Ray were accused of “unreasonable gross and unconscionable usage of excessive force” during an incident that occurred in Frankfort on Sept. 20.

According to the suit: The women were “innocent travelers” sitting in the back seat in a car that was being pursued by police.

Delano Washington (26), the driver of the vehicle, jumped out of the car and laid “prone” on the ground with his arms outstretched. Frankfort police officers were “peacefully restrainting” Washington. The suit claims that Washington was “rushed over and unnecessarily and maliciously kneed in the face.”

Clark and Harris were still in the backseat. They “were seated upright, their hands in the air, their eyes on the windows of their respective passengers,”

According to the suit, Ray pulled his handgun and attacked and battered the women, “by reaching into the vehicle’s backseat and viciously yanking the women to the ground with such force as they were able to sustain demonstrable physical injury.”

Harris sustained a concussion after the “unnecessarily hostile and terrifying encounter,” as the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court Frankfort alleges.

According to the suit. The incident was captured on cell-phone video and video from a Frankfort Police Officer’s dashboard cam.

The women were not charged.

Clark and Harris claim they were denied their rights as citizens under the 14th and fourth amendments.

The lawsuit claims that while this was happening, City of Frankfort officer can be seen lifting the front-seat passenger from the vehicle and helping him get up. “The stark contrast of the professional, professional conduct of City of Frankfort Police officers at the scene, in comparison to the unrestrained violent and malicious behavior of Defendants Doty & Ray, shows that FCSO has clearly grave deficiencies in employing supervision, supervising, or training its officers. If this continues, it will be liable to cause more – and worse – violations of Franklin County residents constitutional rights.

The suit names Franklin County and Sheriff Chris Quire among the defendants. According to the suit Ray was absolved of any consequences by Quire’s sham inquiry.

The sheriff’s department did not respond to requests for comment by The State Journal in Frankfort and WTVQ. Attempts to reach someone with the sheriff’s office Saturday were not immediately successful.

According to a Franklin District Court court citation, Washington was driving when Doty saw him “swerving over the roadway on Wilkinson Boulevard”.

Doty attempted stopping the vehicle. But Washington led police officers and city deputies in a pursuit at high speed. According to the citation, speeds reached 90 mph in residential areas.

According to police, one of the passengers claimed she was afraid and asked for help.

“Mr. Washington crashed his vehicle into the Sgt. Doty was driving right into Prince Hall Village Apartments when he crashed his vehicle,” police stated in the citation. “Deputies witnessed marijuana being taken from the car during the pursuit. During his pursuit, Mr. Washington displayed complete disregard for human life. He smelled strongly of alcohol and marijuana. His eyes were a bright, red color and he was clearly under the influence.

Washington was refused a blood sample by police

He was charged in the first-degree with wanton murder of a police Officer, first grade wanton escape, first level unlawful imprisonment, fleeing and evading police, as well as first-degree criminal Mischief, disregarding a Traffic Light, tampering physically evidence, careless Driving, and first-degree marijuana possession.

He pleaded no guilty.

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