In The Heights director Lin-Manuel Miranda slams cancel culture

Lin-Manuel Miranda does not like the idea of having his show canceled.

The singer and playwright is no stranger to criticism of his work and recently addressed the whole notion of cancel culture.

The 41-year-old discussed backlash against his own projects in a lengthy profile with The New Yorker. Miranda was lambasted for his musical “In The Heights”, in which he was discredited for not having Afro Latinx representation.

The actor explained to the publication that he is aware that critics will have opinions regarding his movies, regardless of their high success.

“Once something succeeds, you’re no longer the underdog trying hard to make it possible,” he stated. “You must get beyond the mindset that it’s a miracle you got something on the podium. Because that’s what I am expected to do. And people go, ‘Yeah, but what about this? It’s true! It’s art that I find lacking.

“It’s not cancellation. That’s not having opinions,” the “Hamilton” singer continued. “So I try to take it in that spirit.”

Miranda stated that he will not allow the haters to affect his creative process, despite being open to criticism. Miranda explained that the main challenge for him is staying hungry.

It’s not cancellation. That’s just having opinions,” the “Hamilton” star stated. “So I try take it with that spirit.”
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“How can I feel that I have something to share and not be worried about what’s not in the frame?” I’m simply trying to build it. I have learned many lessons from the way my work was received, whether it is positive or negative. “You try to absorb everything, and what sticks to your gut is the thing you take with you to your next projects,” said the “Tick, Tick… BOOM!” filmmaker.

Miranda stated that “if you get into a place where you fear, or are afraid of what other people might say about my writings, you’re going to be f –ked.” “It’s over. It’s a place that I must push past in a new and better way. At the end of the day, you can’t control how the world receives something.”

He continued, “All you can control is what your intentions were. It doesn’t matter if it closes in one night. You learned from it and put everything you had into making it last six years.

Miranda expressed his regrets earlier this summer after the “In The Heights”, controversy. He said that he was “truly so sorry” on Twitter. He wrote, “I’m watching the discussion about Afro-Latinx participation in our film this weekend. It is clear that many people in our dark-skinned Afro–Latinx community don’t feel sufficiently represented in it, especially among the leading roles.” “I hear that there is not enough representation of dark-skinned Afro Latinx in the film, which makes it feel like the work is taking away from the community we so long to represent with pride.

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